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Academy Council

Governance within a multi-academy trust

Haywood Village Academy is part of the Cabot Learning Federation, a multi-academy trust that is responsible for a number of academies across Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset.  Governance for a multi-academy trust operates at two levels.  At trust level, there is a Board of Directors.  The directors are accountable to the Department for Education and external government agencies, including the Charity Commission, for the quality of the education the trust provides and the effective use of the associated academy funding. They are required to have systems in place through which they can assure themselves of quality, financial probity, safety and good practice. The Board is provided assurance on a number of these areas through various sub-committees, as shown in the diagram below. For further information about the Board, please click here.

Academy Council

At a local level, each academy has an Academy Council comprising of up to 13 Academy Councillors.  Academy Councils are responsible for holding Principals and their leadership teams to account for the quality and effectiveness of the academic experience of the students under their care with the aim of securing effective school improvement.  They do this through monitoring performance against an annual academy improvement plan, through monitoring risks and responses to risks, and by overseeing systems and processes for the safeguarding of children and the health, safety and wellbeing of academy staff.

If you are interested in joining our Academy Council, please contact us on [email protected] We would like to know more about you and your motivations to support our school.

Haywood Village Academy Council

The Academy Council at Haywood Village Academy is made up of:

Chair of the Academy Council

Chair of Academy Council is currently vacant – Please email [email protected] if you would like further information about the role.

Fiona Mayne – Responsibility for SEND

I am passionate about young people and helping them to succeed. I have previously worked in the financial services sector as well as in education where I was particularly involved with children with special needs.  My son is Autistic so I have significant personal experience of ensuring a child’s needs are met in a school setting. I care passionately about education and want to do everything I can to help children have a positive experience of school and opportunities to succeed. I am committed to the local  community and keen to strengthen the link between Community and school. I am also Community Pastor for Haywood Village and lead Haywood Village Church. I run local outreach events such as Take 5 which is a weekly pop up Community Café held at Haywood Village Academy.

Vacancy – Parent Councillor

Susie Weaver – Executive Principal CLF

Kathryn Volk – Sponsor Councillor with Responsibility for Safeguarding

I have lived in Haywood Village since 2016 and been lucky enough to see Haywood Village Academy grow from strength to strength.

I graduated from university in South Africa with a degree in Veterinary Science and work as an Associate Veterinarian at a local practice.

I strongly believe that the greatest gift we can give a child is an education.  I felt that by joining the academy council it would enable me to do my best to ensure that every child received the best possible education available to them.

Hannah Cooke – Parent Councillor with Responsibility for Children in Need/Looked After Children and Attendance

I am a mum of two children, and I work as a Surgery Manager in the NHS. I am in my first year of being an Academy Councillor and I am enjoying the role.

My area of responsibility in the council is Children in Need/Looked after children and attendance. This is due to my experience being a foster carer for North Somerset Council.

In my spare time, I support local charities, including a local homeless shelter once a week. I also like to go paddle boarding and on days out with my children.

Ewa Bowman – Parent Councillor

Sarah Codling – Local Authority Representative Councillor

Sarah Codling is a North Somerset and Weston-super-Mare Town Councillor representing the Winterstoke ward in which she lives and Hayward Village Academy is situated. After graduating with a Law degree she worked in the public sector for 15 years. Sarah is also a Trustee of a small local charity and Chairs the Children’s Centre Partnership at the nearby Campus. The daughter of teachers and now a mum herself, Sarah has a passion for education and helping to foster a lifelong love of learning.

Craig Jones – Principal

My name is Craig Jones and I am the Principal of the school. This is my second headship and have taught in Kent, Bristol, South Gloucestershire and Gloucestershire, as well as a 4-year period in a school in Dubai. I have been the Principal since the school opened and always attend Academy Council meetings.  I and various staff members present and report to the council at each meeting.  We in turn receive support and challenge from members of the Academy Council.


The email address for our Chair of the Academy Council is [email protected]


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