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Academy Council

We are interested in hearing from people who would like to play an important role supporting our school as part of our Academy Council.

Governance within a multi-academy trust

Haywood Village Academy is part of the Cabot Learning Federation, a multi-academy trust that is responsible for a number of academies across Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset.  Governance for a multi-academy trust operates at two levels.  At trust level, there is a Board of Directors.  The directors are accountable to the Department for Education and external government agencies, including the Charity Commission, for the quality of the education the trust provides and the effective use of the associated academy funding. They are required to have systems in place through which they can assure themselves of quality, financial probity, safety and good practice. The Board is provided assurance on a number of these areas through various sub-committees, as shown in the diagram below. For further information about the Board, please click here. (link to be inserted)

Academy Council

At a local level, each academy has an Academy Council comprising of up to 13 Academy Councillors.  Academy Councils are responsible for holding Principals and their leadership teams to account for the quality and effectiveness of the academic experience of the students under their care with the aim of securing effective school improvement.  They do this through monitoring performance against an annual academy improvement plan, through monitoring risks and responses to risks, and by overseeing systems and processes for the safeguarding of children and the health, safety and wellbeing of academy staff.

If you are interested in joining our Academy Council, please contact us on [email protected] We would like to know more about you and your motivations to support our school.

Haywood Village Academy Council

The Academy Council at Haywood Village Academy is made up of:

David Jordan – Chair of the Academy Council

I have been involved in education all my working life both as a teacher and latterly as an advisor for a local authority.  I am now semi-retired and feel able to use my experience and expertise to support the academy as it grows and flourishes in WSM.

Fiona Mayne – Responsibility for SEND

I am passionate about young people and making a difference and helping them to succeed.

I have worked at Herons Moor and St Anne’s Primary school’s locally as a TA, particularly with children with special needs and my son is Autistic so I have significant experience of ensuring that his needs are met in a school setting.

I currently work as an Independent Financial Adviser.  I am also Community Pastor for Locking Castle Church, which involves setting up and running outreach events such as Take 5 which is a Community meet-up for families held at Haywood Village Academy. I am also a member of the Church council so I have experience of being in a committee environment. I care about education and want to do everything I can to help children have a positive experience at school. I want to contribute locally in my community and help strengthen the link between Community and school.

Tim Branfield – Parent Councillor with Responsibility for Health & Safety & Risk Register

I have lived in Weston-Super-Mare since 2002 and I currently have one child that attends HVA. I am a Director at a building contractor that undertakes various building projects across the south west. I became a councillor at HVA as I am keen to contribute to the development of the school in order that HVA can build on its excellent start that it has made.

Susie Weaver – Executive Principal CLF

Kelly Chard – Parent Councillor

I have been working with children for the last 12 years in various settings including the Vulnerable Learners’ Service. For the last 5 years, I have primarily been working in schools across North Somerset with children with social, emotional and mental health difficulties and also challenging behaviour. I am passionate about the learning and development of children and young people and believe school life should be a positive, stimulating and fun experience for all. I would like the opportunity to contribute to this, at a school my daughter attends.
Fred Fraser: Staff Councillor

Kathryn Volk – Sponsor Councillor with Responsibility for Safeguarding

I have lived in Haywood Village since 2016 and been lucky enough to see Haywood Village Academy grow from strength to strength.

I graduated from university in South Africa with a degree in Veterinary Science and work as an Associate Veterinarian at a local practice.

I strongly believe that the greatest gift we can give a child is an education.  I felt that by joining the academy council it would enable me to do my best to ensure that every child received the best possible education available to them.

Cara MacMahon – Sponsor Councillor

I have been Director / CEO of a number of charitable organisations: Flowerfield arts centre (Portstewart), Queens Hall arts centre (Hexham), Watershed Media Centre (Bristol), Voluntary Action North Somerset (Weston-super-Mare).

I have extensive experience of being a Chair of trustees: e.g. Student Housing Association- 5 years (Northern Ireland), Show of Strength Theatre Company -4 years (Bristol).

I have also been a board member of a number of charitable organisations: e.g. Big Telly Theatre Company (Northern Ireland), ss Great Britain (Bristol), Curzon Cinema (Clevedon)

I live in Weston-super-Mare and I was involved in the planning of the school and the community facilities and gained a real interest in its development.

Schools do so much more then teach facts to young people, they have the privilege and challenge to help give a young person the tools they will need to become a healthy and rounded adult. I am keen to use my skills to support the development of the Academy. I am currently Heritage Action Zone Officer at north Somerset Council.

Sarah Codling – Local Authority Representative Councillor

Sarah Codling is a North Somerset and Weston-super-Mare Town Councillor representing the Winterstoke ward in which she lives and Hayward Village Academy is situated. After graduating with a Law degree she worked in the public sector for 15 years. Sarah is also a Trustee of a small local charity and Chairs the Children’s Centre Partnership at the nearby Campus. The daughter of teachers and now a mum herself, Sarah has a passion for education and helping to foster a lifelong love of learning.

Fred Fraser – Staff Representative

My name is Fred Fraser and I am the staff’s representative for the Academy Council. I have been teaching for five years. I help support to the staff at Haywood Village Academy and provide a voice for them at council meetings. I make sure the staff’s best interests are known and work with the council to further support the school team.

Craig Jones – Principal


The email address for our Chair of the Academy Council, David Jordan, is [email protected].


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