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Pupil Leadership

We believe that it is important to help children to develop their leadership skills. The school consistently promotes the personal development of pupils through enacting opportunities for Pupil Leadership, including (but not limited to) the responsibilities below.

Opportunities are given to nurture, develop and stretch pupils’ leadership skills, enacting the Great Learner dispositions and School Values.
Responsibilities include:

Litter Community Service
This is a group created and run by several KS2 children. They organise litter collections around the school, ensuring a tidy, clean school environment. The team have regular meetings to review their progress and gather further support for the service.

Each class has 2 Librarians. They help peers in the library by scanning books, offering reading suggestions and ensuring the library is used appropriately.

Our KS2 Playleaders encourage positive play at lunchtimes, working with our SMSAs to enact games from the HVA Playtime Playbook. They also take suggestions from peers for new games that can be included as part of breaktimes and lunchtimes.

Eco Committee
The Eco Committee have worked with Miss Billitteri to discuss and enact upon issues in and around our school that have an impact on the local environment. This has included promoting ‘switch off’ weeks to save electricity and promoting recycling throughout the school community.

Recycling Collection Team
The Recycling Collection Team ensure that Haywood Village Academy has the best possible chance of ensuring all available materials are recycled by leading on collection of recycling bins and containers on a weekly basis.

Radio Crew
Our Radio Crew are in charge of creating and delivering a live radio show every Friday for the whole school. The show includes weekly news topics, birthday ‘shout outs’ and important messages for all to hear. The recordings of our radio shows can be found on the main HVA website page.

Team Talk
Every Thursday, all children participate in mixed-age groups to discuss recent topical issues or debate questions, such as climate change, school lunches or national news events. Feedback is given to, and shared with, the Principal Team to ensure that Pupil Voice is at the forefront of the HVA culture.

Safeguarding Team
Our pupil group from across the school meet with a member of staff from the school’s safeguarding scheme to share feedback and key messages around how children are feeling about safety within the school. They help to develop pupil voice and create pupil-friendly messages that can be shared with all children and parents.

Health and Safety Team
Our pupil group from across the school will meet with a member of staff responsible for Health and Safety to discuss issues related to safe working practices in our school. They will gather feedback from peers as well as provide pupil voice for any improvements that can be made to our school site. They help to develop pupil voice and create pupil friendly messages for the whole academy.

Badge Makers
A group of Year 6 pupils support their peers with making badges for the range of pupil jobs that we have across the school. Children can also design badges for special occasions, such as birthdays or religious celebrations.

Playtime Playbook