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Pupil Outcomes

We are tremendously proud of the wide ranging achievements our children make in our school: From learning to regulate their behaviour to producing an emotion-evoking piece of poetry; from developing the confidence to speak fluently and purposefully in front of others to truly understanding the world around them through a scientific explanation; from designing and painting a beautiful watercolour to becoming an accomplished swimmer, we have been and will continue to be proud of our pupils’ outcomes.

Outcomes we would also like to share, that place our school amongst the highest performing schools in the region for a second year* can be found below. In addition, performance DfE tables can be found by clicking here.

Early Years Good Level of Development

This is the percentage of Reception children who achieved the expected standard of attainment for age group.
2016-17: 86% (36 children)
2017-18: 85% (61 children)

Year 1 Phonics

This is the percentage of Year 1 children who achieved the expected standard for attainment in phonics for the age group.
2016-17: 77%  (13 children)
2017-18: 83% (46 children)

Key Stage 1

This is percentage of Year 2 children who achieved the expected standard or were working above the standard (‘Greater depth’)
2017-18  (18 children)
Reading:  78%  at expected standard with 44% working at Greater depth.
Writing: 78% at expected standard with 11% working at Greater depth.
Maths: 83% at expected standard with 22% working at Greater depth.

*This is with consideration to starting points in pupils’ attainment, as well as the standards they have achieved..