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The Academy Day

School day hours

The Academy’s Hours of operations: 32.5

7:45 am – Breakfast club starts

8:40 am school gates open. We expect EYFS & Year 1 children to be walked to classrooms.

8:45 am Classrooms open. Children in Year 4 – Year 6 can begin to arrive at school without their parents if a letter has been sent to the Principal and acknowledged.
8:55 am Gates close.
9:00 am Registration ends.
9:00 am Pre-school gates and classrooms open
9:05 am Lessons start
10:20 am – 10:40 am – Break for Year 3 – Year 6
10:40 am – 11:00 am – Break for Reception – Year 2
11:30 am Lunchtime for Pre-school.
12:00 pm Lunchtime for Reception, Years 1 & 2.
12:15 pm Lunchtime for Years 3 – 6.
1:00 pm Afternoon lessons start for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.
1:15 pm Afternoon lessons start for Year 3 – Year 6.
3:05 pm Gates open for parents to use the playground space.
3:00 pm Pre-school collection time. 3:15pm Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 collection time.

3:20pm Year 3,4,5 and 6 collection time.

3:20 – 5:45 pm – Parachutes After-School club

The office is open 8.15 am – 4:00 pm every day.  

The playground entrances open at 8.40 am, with pupils entering their classrooms from 8.45am. Parents are welcome to wait with pupils in the playgrounds from 8.40 am but unsupervised Year 4 and 5 children should not arrive until 8.40am


Please contact the school office before 8:30am to notify us of any absence or if a pupil will be arriving late (perhaps due to dental/medical appointment).
Sickness – No pupil should be sent to school if they are clearly ill or infectious. If a pupil comes into contact with certain infectious diseases, the family doctor will advise about exclusion from the school. If a pupil is absent due to sickness or diarrhoea, they must remain absent for 48 hours following the final episode.

If you are considering taking your child/ren out of school during term time you will need to complete an ‘Absence in Term Time Request Form’ and send it in 10 days prior to the absence. Forms will be available from the school office or can be downloaded below.

Absence in Term Time Request


We close the main school gate at 8:55am. The official time for the start to the school day is 8:50am. Parents who are still on site will be able to leave via the side gate. We expect all families to arrive before 8:50am as gates open at 8:40 and classrooms are open from 8:45am. Those that arrive after the gates have closed (8:55am), will need to enter the school via the office.  Children arriving after 9:00 will need to sign in as late.


There is no legal duty which requires school staff to administer medication; this is a voluntary role (The Department for Education and Employment, 1996)

Parents are encouraged to ask their doctor to prescribe medication in dose frequencies such that it can be taken out of school hours. If this is not possible then the medication must be brought into school in a container labelled with the child’s name, the name and dose of the drug, the frequency of administration and, if necessary, an appropriate spoon. A consent form must also be completed and signed by a parent, this form can be collected from the school office or can be downloaded below. Some members of staff at Haywood Village Academy have volunteered to give prescribed medication. However, if the school staff do not volunteer or it is not practical to support administering the prescribed medicine, then parents will need to make arrangements to come into school to administer it themselves. Please note ‘over the counter’ medicines will not be administered by school staff and again parents will have to make arrangements should they wish to administer these non-prescribed medicines e.g. Calpol and throat sweets.

Administration of Medication Consent Form


If your child suffers from asthma please ensure there is an inhaler (named) in school at all times, remember to ask your doctor for an extra prescription. The inhalers are kept in each classroom and parents are asked to check regularly that there is sufficient medication in the inhaler and that it is in date.


Please refer to the school uniform policy, which can be found on the policies section of the website.

Book bags should be brought into school daily especially when reading books are being taken home. We will place all communication letters into your child’s book bag so please check daily. If you need to send a note into school please can you either give it directly to a member of staff (office or teaching team) or put it in your child’s hand so they remember to hand it in.

School meals

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children are entitled to free school lunches and will have to choose a meal from a menu as supplied by Aspens Catering. Children in Year 3 to Year 6 may bring their own packed lunch, for which we expect families to adhere to our policy.


We ask that pupils only bring water into school.  Ideally this is brought into school in a reliable water bottle.  Sweetened drinks will be returned to parents and pupils will be offered water as a substitute.


Birthdays will be celebrated in school but please do not send in sweets/cakes- with food allergies this can become extremely difficult to manage. We make sure that children are made to feel special on their birthdays and, in addition, your child can wear their own choice of clothes (non-school uniform) to school on their birthday.