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20 Whitney Crescent, Weston Super Mare
BS24 8ES

General Enquiries

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For enquiries please contact the Academy, using the details below.

Haywood Village Academy
20 Whitney Crescent
Weston Super Mare
North Somerset, BS24 8ES

Tel: 01934 312720
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @HaywoodVillAc
Facebook: @HaywoodVillageAcademy

Key Contacts

Principal – Craig Jones
Designated Safeguarding Lead – Sarah Saunter
Deputy Safeguarding Leads –  Craig Jones and Truon Ellis
E Safety Leads – Zachary Alfieri and Sarah Saunter
Designated Safeguarding Councillor – Mrs Kathryn Volk
Family Support Worker – Sarah Saunter
SENCO – Laura Lovely ([email protected])
Curriculum Lead – Senior Leadership team
Chair of Academy Council – This role is currently vacant. The clerk to the Academy Council can be contacted via email [email protected]



How to raise a concern or make a complaint

Haywood Village Academy is committed to listening to you and working with you to resolve any concerns or complaints you may have about the academy.

In the first instance, please talk to your child’s teacher if you have any concerns. They will be able to make sure they understand your concern in order to resolve it informally as soon as possible to avoid the need for you to make a formal complaint.

However, if the matter has not been resolved you may raise it formally.  To do this your complaint should be put in writing. If you would like help to do this, please talk to your academy reception staff, or administration team who will make arrangements for someone to get in touch with you to give you any help you need to create a written summary of your concerns.

Haywood Village Academy will then review and/or investigate your complaint and this will include talking to you about it in further detail to find out what you would like to happen in order to resolve it.

You will receive a letter detailing the decision and what you should do if you are still not happy with it.  If you need help reading the letter, or any communication from the academy, please speak to a member of the reception staff.

To read the full Complaints Policy, please click here or request a printed copy from reception staff.